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Can't get the microSD card back in

Eight (8) years ago I used the TS-7558 as a remote data logger. Worked fine. Today, I found it in a box and took the SD card out to examine the contents and make copies of the program I wrote to do the logging. And now, I can't seem to get the SD card back in. And I remember fondly having the same discussion eight years ago. Am I daft?

Good evening Larry,

The SD card mount can be a little fiddly.  My best results are achieved when I lay the shield flat open, slide the card into it between the retainer clips and the shield (retainer clips = two little brackets bent in a C shape from the shield) with the pads facing out, then lift the shield up and over to its closed position, then gently slide the shield away from the hinge while applying a very small ammount of pressure to keep the SD card flat against the PCB.  It should make a very slight click as the latch engages and you'll be back in business.  If any action takes more than a tiny bit of energy, back off and try again - most likely the SD card isn't being held by the retainer clips at either side of the shield.

Best of luck!

Thanks, I finally figured it out (along the lines you noted). What made it extra difficult is that one of the tiny tabs that the card slips under on the gate was bent and wouldn't let the card slide into the gate. All fixed. But it won't boot. It behaves as if there was no card installed. So... bad card or something else. I have a new bootable card on order now.

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