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Linux upgrade on TS-7600


We are evaluating a TS-7600 for an application. The reason we are interested in the TS-7600 is because its size fits the footprint we are targeting.

In the application we use a few 3rd party libraries. One of them lists a minimum requirement of Debian Jessie and GCC version v4.9.2.

I have successfully updated the kernel to 3.14 on my TS-7600 using the instructions in the manual. I tried to update to Jessie and it worked but I lose the serial console as soon as I type "exit" at the initramfs. I can ssh into it once Debian boots and everything is functional. But its not a long-term solution if the serial console does not work.

I would appreciate help with the following questions:

1. Is it possible to update Linux versions on a TS-7600?

If yes:

A) Are there any guides available on how to do this?

B) How far can it be updated? Jessie, Stretch, to infinity and beyond?

Thank you.

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In case anyone has a similar question, I received a helpful email from Technologic:

"For the console question:
It may be possible to re-enable the console login. By default, the TS-7600 uses xuartctl to create a mirror interface with telnet in the initramfs. The mirrored console was a response to feedback from customers who wanted other means to access the console as opposed to serial. The telnet port is closed after the initramfs is exited. While physial console port is /dev/ttyAMA0, you would want to set up a login prompt on /dev/tsconsole to connect to the XUART bridge that is created. You can see this in our stock image in /etc/inittab.

For upgrading to Debian Jessie:
We do not currently offer an upgrade to Debian Jessie. This is due to a number of small complexities with setting up the whole boot flow (as you have already run in to). In theory, it should be possible to keep going though the versions of Debian, and the kernel would probably support Stretch with newer versions needing to be assessed."

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