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We Use Our Products: The Omnibox

The omnibox rack.


This is our main "final test" rack for most of our PC/104 peripherals. It is a rack of 4 TS-7200s, each with a character LCD panel, 2 ethernet drops (as well as an ethernet connection to the TS-7200 itself), a USB socket that is brought out from each TS-7200, and a CF card socket from the TS-7200. Any one device is plugged in to one of the TS-7200s, the TS-7200 boots to an NFS root and runs a script to probe for all possible devices and then act on them. In addition to testing PC/104 devices, the CF and USB sockets are used to image USB and CF devices. Every TS-7200 has its own power switch, as well as a main switch for all of them at once.

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