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We Use Our Products: The Testbench

The engineering testbench.


Located in one of our engineering offices is the testbench. It is powered by a TS-COMBOX (Which uses a TS-7300 under the hood) with a stack of three TS-RELAY8s (The fourth un-populated TS-RELAY8 on top is used as a common ground). This creates 24 "stations" with RS-232, switchable power, and ethernet. The TS-RELAY8s and RS-232 serial consoles are accessible via a script run upon telnet login. This allows for remote serial console as well as power control of each unit under test.  The test bench is mostly used for long term tests, but is also commonly used to create a native development environment for a product in development.


Each of the COM ports on the back of the TS-COMBOX can be broken out in to three individual RS-232 ports.  For this application we used a number of DB9 to modular jack adapters.  Routing all three UARTs from a COM port to three different DB9 connectors for each unit under test.  Two 10/100 switches (not pictured) provide ethernet for all of the 24 stations.

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